heeyy there im julia<3:)

firstly I'm a huge Beatles fan llol they were gods! (nit literally there's only one god and I love him dearly) so I'm just living like everyone else... I like to dance uhmm yeah thts a huge part of me ermmmm I think that love is the best thing in the world even though it feels like the worst.... just my sappy opinion:p school is dumb so I like summer but my favorite season is spring lol.... I sing in the shower like all the time hahahah I find it funn. Oh I have an incredible boyfriend right now<33 I'm not gunna go much further into tht so when we break up I dnt hav too much to delete and reread hahah..... I fear death and roller coasters.... Well I fear falling off rollercoasters which is why I dnt like them... I'm rly tiny.... 5'1" babyyyy whoooo! Okay I'm done yu have fun on here I guess llol...

read.look.watch,listen.reblog.enjoy.follow.ask. (yess there is a random comma)
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